Morghus Stoneshadow

The Smartest Lizzerman


An enormous Draconian. Just horrifyingly enormous. Wears a pair gauntlets that give him incredible grappling abilities. He’s amazingly well spoken for a Draconian, giving himself an air of astounding intellect when talking. Melts down, literally, when angry. Fire pours from his body when he becomes enraged and/or dies. Reginald Drophammer has a sense that he’s very evil.


Almost nothing is known about the Brute Commander prior to the party’s first meeting with him. The group found Morghus sitting in a lone chamber across from the cold portal in the secret cavern outside of Al Rashad. Set up for the consortium, when found, he informed the group that we had something of his (An amulet that Lazarus McDaverous possessed) and that he was going to take it from us. When asked about what he intended with the amulet, he gave no answer, only responding that it was his property.

After a long battle, full of tense and scary moments, and a lot of missed attacks on everyone’s part, Lazarus McDaverous smashed the amulet on the ground, causing Morghus to fly into a rage. Fire poured from him as his anger grew, and the group managed to take him down in his frenzied state. As he melted on the floor, he told the group his name and passed. Reginald Drophammer took his gauntlets, and the rest of the party obtained magical augmentation items from him.

Morghus Stoneshadow

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