Seedy Belly


Roguish charm? He a bandit.


M-a-ah-tee was found in the poorer part of Al-Rashad, sitting in a bar. Guiseppe Beckett and Ronaldo the Braif tried to talk to him to uncover a plot to overthrow the city and turn it back to the less fortunate.

He gave the party a job, to go and search a house and guard whatever or whoever was inside. As the party moved upstairs in the house, they discovered they had been set up and Sigmund’s heart broke when he found them.

Later, M-a-ah-tee was seen next to Steven as he gained control over the minds of the people of the city and he fought alongside Steven during the siege on the stronghold.

As he was dying, he reminded the group about what they had brought upon the city by keeping a tyrant in charge.


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