Did he come from a mountain?


Alfonzo is some kind of lawman of the future edition of Gravis Fall. He lives in the version (Perhaps just a version out of time) where everything sucks and is snowy and scary and it’s no surprise that he’s there because he also sucks.

Besides having no eyes, Alfonzo seems to be lacking ears or perhaps the part of his brain that allows comprehension of basic language and communication. He only speaks in a few questions, for the most part.


After speaking with a priest in a local Pelorian temple, the group was pointed towards the town hall where they found Alfonzo. Alfonzo was surprised to see them, mentioning that their town didn’t get very many visitors over and over again. While scrubbing Alfonzo for information regarding planes and interplanar travel, they deduced he was fairly useless after asking the question “Did you come from a mountain?” one too many times and moved to leave him behind. Schlanger and Sexodar of Humpton tried to steal his wand, which he was vehement about letting them know was his grandfather’s. He convinced the group to take him along with them, pleading for them to let him join them in their travels to see what the rest of the world and time had to offer.

On their way back to the mountain portal, Reginald Drophammer, in a show of impatience, whirled around and smashed Alfonzo’s head with his war hammer, cracking Alfonzo’s neck 90 degrees. Alfonzo reached up and readjusted his head back into position, fixing his neck.

After proceeding through the mountain again, they went to present day Gravis Fall with Alfonzo in tow.


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